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EO Gurgaon Board FY 2019-20

EO Gurgaon
Anirudh Khaitan

I joined the Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) three years back, to be able to be with likeminded folks,sharing every aspect of my life from personal to business and EO has been a game changer for me. The values of the organisation (Boldly Go, Cool, Trust and Respect, Thirst for Learning and Make a Mark) resonated with my inner self and help me not only grow my businesses but also expand and improve my personal relationships.

Apart from being a member, being on the board of EO Gurgaon has taught me “How to get work done by influence” rather than authority. I am fortunate all the learning has translated into me having the opportunity to serve the chapter as President and give back to the community.

EO Gurgaon
Raunaq Singh

Our chapter has become like a family to me in a short span of time. And we all are eager to see this family become bigger, stronger and more meaningful to each member. Personally, I have learnt a lot through peers and events. EO has changed the way I think about business, marketing and leadership in a positive way. Cheers to EO Gurgaon!

EO Gurgaon
Vipul Jain

"Joining an organisation like EO broadens your horizon, completely changing the thought process and empowering you with the tools to not just plan but execute your decisions as well. A forum setting makes you accountable towards the commitments that you make whether it is for business, self or family and collectively the forum make sure that all of us achieve our goals together. The kind of learning that is possible in EO is un paralleled and the love and respect you get from members globally is the hallmark of EO. Joining EO Gurgaon was the best decision I took and I have made life long friends with some of the most amazing people I have ever met"

EO Gurgaon
Sukrit Bansal

My EO journey has been incredible I have been a member since 3 years. It is a great platform to learn and grow through its unique structure, forums and learning events. I am proud to be associated with Gurgaon chapter which has so much diversity of members that each day is a learning day for me and I made life-long friends which really pull me out of my grey areas and make me a better person. The core values of EO motivates me and allow me to do or take decision in my life beat professionally and personally. I am truly honored to be part of this dynamic fraternity.

EO Gurgaon
Nimish Arora

I have been a member of Eo since 2 years and I already feel I have grown so much as an individual. It has not only helped me in my business but also contributed in making me a better son, father, husband and work on my personal development. I have had the opportunity to listen to world class speakers in global and regional learning events and network with entrepreneurs and have made great friends across the world through EO. With EO members and their strong core values built around trust and respect, there is an immediate comfort that helps in building great bonds.

It’s great to be part of this vibrant and aspirational community which keeps pushing you to learn and grow.

EO Gurgaon
Girish Khera

“EO has made me a “do now “person instead of a “do someday”. Chapter retreats have coaxed me back into a “travel for life “mode. I’ve made great friends with great people who are greatly different from me. EO Gurgaon helps ground me at the same time as it helps to lift me up”

EO Gurgaon
Samrat Jain

EO has broadened my horizons and changed my attitude from ‘ WHY ME ‘ to ‘ TRY ME’. The intelligent design of this organization encourages learning and growth and provides me a support system. The EO Experience has made me more organized and accountable on both business and personal front. The core values of EO such as Trust and Respect and Thirst for Learning constantly encourages and motivates me to accept new challenges and to get out of my comfort zone. The Learning Events, Family Events, Retreats Of our chapter as well as Global Events further make it worthwhile to be a part of this incredible and dynamic organization.

EO Gurgaon
Ayush Bansal

“Our Chapter’s journey in EO has been full of big achievements and accomplishments. It gives me great pride to announce that in the first 6 months of this EO year we have made a mark not only amongst our regional chapters but also globally. What makes our chapter unique is despite the rapid growth of the chapter we are extremely closely integrated and follow the Mantra of the year of being One Chapter One Forum. Our wow events have been many in the first half and we plan to focus on workshops, family events, retreat and integration events in the second half. It gives me immense joy and a sense of pride to see our chapter reach heights. Looking forward to a great second half”

EO Gurgaon
Vaibhav Tapadiya

“EO Has been most wonderful platform for learning, and growth. Its unique structure offers unlimited potential to take yourself to next level. Gurgaon has been very vibrant and close knitted. I have enjoyed my time so far at EO Gurgaon”

EO Gurgaon
Ayush Agrawal

My journey with EO Gurgaon has been of incredible learning and bonding with fellow entrepreneurs. At every stage of involvement with EO, from being a member to a moderator and then to be a mentorship chair has contributed significantly to my personal and business growth. The more I give to EO, I get back exponentially many times more from the chapter. EO truly has been a life changing experience

EO Gurgaon
Karan Sawhney

My EO journey so far has been surreal. Serving the chapter by being on the EO Gurgaon board as the Learning Chair and serving EO on the Regional Level as Forum expert has been truly been an awe-inspiring experience. I had had the pleasure to work with and learn from some of the greatest entrepreneurs the region has to offer and wonderful human beings. EO truly has given me 10X back for the time I have spent serving at different levels and for that I am eternally grateful. I can’t wait for more life changing experiences being a part of this organization that will make me a better Entrepreneur, Family/Community member and Friend.

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