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Revenue Verification Form

Our client has applied for membership in the ENTREPRENEURS ORGANIZATION (EO). It is our understanding that our client is to have generated sales in excess of (US) $1 million dollars during the previous organizational fiscal year (1 July – 30 June) on an accrual basis, and that they are the owner, partner, actively in control, controlling shareholder or founder or co-founder as defined by EO. Based on our knowledge of our client's financial affairs, we confirm that they qualify for admission to your organization.

This information is prepared for the use of ENTREPRENEURS ORGANIZATION to assess our client's eligibility to the organization.

This information is not appropriate for any purpose other than for assessing the qualifications for membership. We understand that the information will be kept strictly confidential.

Gross Sales Amount in US Dollars Accountant's signature Printed Name Accounting Firm Name Street Address City, State, Zip Phone number Date

Owner or Controlling Owner — a sole proprietor or at least 50% ownership of an unincorporated business, or sole shareholder or at least 50% shareholder of a corporation.

Actively in control — (1) having sole or predominant day-to-day management duties at an operational and/or strategic level, as well as a controlling ownership interest in the business enterprise, company, corporation or partnership; or, alternatively,
(2) a trustee of a trust in which the trustee is also a beneficiary, where the relevant business enterprise, company, corporation or partnership, or a controlling interest in the relevant business enterprise, company, corporation or partnership, is an asset of the trust.

Controlling Shareholder — a shareholder in a corporation with either voting control of the corporation or effective control of the corporation through the exercise of management rights.

Founder or Co-founder — a person responsible for the formation of the specific business enterprise, company, corporation or partnership either individually or jointly who, at the inception of the business enterprise, company, corporation or partnership was either an Owner, General Partner, Majority Shareholder or Actively in control. Such founders are not required to own a majority of the company’s stock or partnership interests as long as such applicants are in direct control or co-control of the company. Control is to be determined by the EO Board in their sole discretion.

Gross Revenue -- as determined by use of GAAP in the USA. For company’s involved in Broker/Dealer activities, cost of goods or services brokered do not count as gross revenue, only commissions from the sale of such goods or services would be considered gross revenue.

Renewing Members - Official Grace Period Policy

• EO Members that do not meet the criteria at this time are granted a grace-period of 12 months, and may still renew their membership.

• Upon request and with the prior approval of the local chapter, EO members who have been members in good standing and met all membership requirements for at least five full years may request a waiver of the membership requirements for up to two additional one-year periods.

• Grace periods commence at the start of the next organizational fiscal year.

To apply for EO Gurgaon Membership
Download EO Gurgaon Membership Form

EO Gurgaon Revenue Verification Form
EO Gurgaon Membership Application Form

Please email this filled application form to

admin@eogurgaon.com       support@eogurgaon.com      raunaq@targustech.com